First frost of the year 

19th November 2019

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."


I'm a  sunshine person - I love the light mornings, the warmth of the sun, the long days. However, when you wake to look out at the first frost of the year, there is something quite magical about how nature glistens in the morning light, as though fairies have thrown glitter over your garden while you were sleeping.


With winter truly underway Christmas is, of course, just round the corner and the excesses that go hand-in-hand with 'the most wonderful time of the year'. I enjoy the build up to Christmas providing it doesn't start too early. So as much as I love decorating my home with an excessive amount of lights, fragrance and glitz I try to refrain until the 1st December when the advent calendar is hung. 


In retail however, Christmas begins so much sooner - is it just me or does it get earlier every year? - and preparation starts before any mention in shops or adverts. 


House & Garden Shop is no exception and I have been knee deep in an abundance of paper, fabric, glitter, gems, ribbons and more, creating handmade cards and decorations to add a vintage-style theme to your home for Christmas.


Head over to our Christmas Shop for some design inspiration.


Wishing you all a magical Christmas and a joyful New Year


Martene xx




Christmas 2019

Christmas Shop

Why I do what I do


I love a bargain and am sometimes guilty of buying something I don't need, simply because it has been so magnificantly reduced! But they are always of good quality and worth much more than I paid for them. And whether I strictly "need" them or not, I will love them, use them and wear them.

However, I do not agree with buying one ... or many items, simply because they are cheap and "throw away". Too often these items of clothing lose their shape or start falling apart after the first wash and so "throw away" is invariably the reality.


Like clothes, any furniture that is mass produced and cheaply made will often have a short life span. Once it has been assembled it can rarely be dismantled and reassembled successfully.


Not so, lovely solid items of furniture made of good quality materials and created by craftsmen. And that is the reality of the items of furniture I'm working with. The only negative is that the darkness of the wood doesn't fit well in the light filled interiors we now desire, and so these gorgeous, well made items of furniture are often disregarded and may well end up on landfill - negatively impacting on our environment.


So I buy these discarded items /donated items of furniture and sand them, paint them, wax them and give them a whole new lease of life so they will once again, be loved and cherished by their new owner. 


When you are buying an item of furniture from House & Garden Shop you are buying something with history, that is unique, and that has been refurbished with passion, creativity, vision and a desire for a safe and healthy planet for our future generations.


Happy shopping xx



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I wanted to thank you for the beautiful decoupage wine table and the stencilled chest of drawers I purchased from you. They are so pretty. They have been painted and decorated so well. 

It was a pleasure dealing with you Martene and I know where to come when I need another piece. Thank you.


Mary, November 2018


I wanted to say how much I'm in love with the cabinet! It's in the hallway outside our bathroom and couldn't be more beautiful or fit more perfectly. It will become the new home to our towels.


Every time I pass it, it makes me happy, and I remember what a pleasure it was purchasing from you.


Absolutely delighted, thanks again Martene.


Catherine, April 2018

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